Program in Focus – Talent Tap – E-Recruitment Marketplace

Technology has always been a part of our day to day life and with COVID 19 it has become most of our life. ‘Physical distancing by Virtually Connecting’ a terminology being adopted from MSMEs to the Big 5, with the current circumstance of COVID 19 we have adopted technology at a whole new level. Industries are upgrading, traditional style of business are being decommissioned and the digital age is taking over, virtual conferencing is replacing physical meetings, face to face interviews are being done via WhatsApp Video/ Zoom/ etc.

The World of Hiring is changing and we here at Talent Tap are part of that change. We are connecting SME clients with a vast number of recruiters from smaller towns by creating a Recruitment E-Marketplace by effectively using AI/ML for a faster and cost-effective process. We target jobs at a CTC less than Rs 30 lacs across freshers/ gig/ junior and Mid-level executives.

A Marketplace instantly connects employers with the right recruiters, benefiting both. It gives access to a large customer/vendor pool with no geographic limitation in an efficient and cost-effective way. Talent Tap lowers your sourcing cost and has a faster TAT of 48 Hours. We find these to be key aspects of hiring that SMEs look for and we have made sure to address them. 

We realise cost is a major aspect in these trying times, and keeping that In mind we at ‘Talent Tap’ charge no registration/ subscription fees. Once a position has been filled by the correct candidate is when we charge a percentage.. 

Here at Talent Tap we don’t want to change the game we want to revolutionise it. 


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