The COVID 19 Pandemic has generated a slew of measures to make the work environment safe and secure. Here are steps to protect workers from exposure to, and infection with, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), depending on the type of work being performed and exposure risk, including potential for interaction with people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and contamination of the work environment. Employers should adopt infection control strategies based on a thorough hazard assessment, using appropriate combinations of engineering and administrative controls, safe work practices, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent worker exposures.

The following are some tips for COVID-19 precautions for attending work.

When you leave for office

  • Do not forget to wear a face mask before stepping out.
  • Carry a soap paper, small soap bar, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to office.
  • Carry your own glass, mug, bottle, and spoon so that you can avoid using cutlery from the pantry.
  • Carry your own power bank and charger to avoid borrowing it from a colleague.
  • If you are using your personal vehicle, make sure to disinfect the most-touched parts of the car once more, including the door and door handle, dash, steering wheel and gear lever, seat, and seat belt, before you start. Clean your two-wheeler similarly, that is, sanitize the frequently-touched parts.

While commuting

Dr. Jayant Thakuria, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine Fortis Escorts Faridabad, suggested the following tips:

  • Do not share your two-wheeler with anyone to maintain social distancing.
  • If two people are traveling in a car, they should sit in a criss-cross pattern in the front and back respectively, to maintain distance.

At office

Here are some precautions: 

  • Avoid touching lift buttons or use a tissue to touch it. If you are taking the stairs, avoid touching the walls or railing.
  • Make sure there are not more than two-three people in the lift, else take the next one. While in the lift, do not face each other.
  • Do not remove the face mask at any point. It is recommended that you do not use the same mask daily.
  • Before beginning your day’s work, disinfect the desk and the laptop/desktop. As you sit, make sure you at leave at least a seat’s distance between you and your colleague.
  • Maintain social distancing when you interact with people. Avoid shaking hands. In case of a meeting, make sure there are not too many people in the room at a time so that you can maintain social distancing.
  • If you absolutely have to touch a handle or a doorknob, sanitize your hands immediately.
  • At lunchtime, wash your hands properly before you start eating. Eat at a distance from others.

After coming home

  • When you come home, take a bath and put your clothes for washing separately and not with other clothes.
  • Disinfect your mobile phone and other items you took to the office.
  • Most importantly, avoid going to your workplace in case you feel sick or show some worrying symptoms.

Credit: Indian Express