New Decade New Horizons – DAMSEL never in distress!

Challenges faced by an Entrepreneur

By Nisha Padmanabhan

A Professional Career Counselor and a Budding Entrepreneur Coach. Get in touch with her on YouTube channel – Workspace Mysteries

It’s an ever-changing world, and it is not going to be the same tomorrow. We should upgrade ourselves to stay ahead of the times. An Entrepreneur is a person who owns a business and gets his or her work done by the employees he or she appoints. When it comes to Women Entrepreneurs, there is no change in the definition. However, the world does treat us like a Damsel as we correspondingly treat us. 

I use this acronym, for Damsel –

D – Doubting Self

A – Adventure Fear

M – Male Dominated Society

S – Social Pressure

E – Expectations High

L – Limited Funding

Doubting oneself is a problem with anyone who is not confident about the work they are doing, but when it comes to women, we are a little ahead with a lot of hormonal changes going on inside us on a  monthly basis. We analyse and rethink in any circumstances and end up questioning ourselves. Adventure fear here doesn’t mean, not ready for bungee jumping. However, there is a lot of risks involved in running a company.

Our emotional mind holds us back in these situations. We usually fear to take these risks and try to play safe. Male-dominated society of ours cannot even accept a woman driving a car on the highway, so imagine how they can treat us in these situations. I would recommend you ignore it and move on. Social pressure! My friend is having such a gala time uploading pictures of her Bali trip! Whatever age you are, whatever you do, there would be someone doing better than you. Only what you can do is concentrate on your work and do great. Expectations are high to maintain a proper work-life balance as if it’s the responsibility of the women to manage home and children. A compromising environment comes up in these situations. Limited funding is just the icing on the cake! Women entrepreneurs struggle through this day in and day out. Finding an Investor for their project is a big task, as most of them don’t trust us!