Communication is the name of the game

We are today dealing with HR solutions to a world where the word ‘Positive’ has taken on an altogether new and dreaded meaning.  Words like social distancing, isolation, and lockdown have challenged both individuals, corporate houses as also HR departments and outfits to face new and more serious challenges. Any company which stays connected with its employees and has the clearest cut communication processes, both for its internal and external communication are the ones that will grow and evolve in the post-COVID 19 era. 

Experts believe that “given the high demand for both internal and external communications in a crisis, as the stewards of their organization’s corporate reputation and brand, corporate affairs, and communications leaders must split their attention between crisis and long-term corporate reputation and communications objectives.”

In short, they  need to ensure that communications across all channels are striking the right tone, coming out at the right time, and are ‘reinforcing the organization’s reputation in the eyes of its key internal and external communities.’ Adding to this complexity is the sheer volume and pace of communications activity, the sensitivities of the issues involved, and the fact that communications and corporate affairs teams are now largely working remotely.  In this complex scenario, where every day is a new normal, we at Confluence see Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Machine Learning emerge as the HR tools of the future. Online training offers a level playing field for young professionals to up their skills and virtual reality has become the new paradigm. In this daily-changing work eco-system.  Virtual classes and digital training are the way forward. Life is changing on a daily basis and we will promise to keep you updated and relevant.

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