Program in Focus – HR Solutions Tailor-Made for Start-Ups

Human resource holds the key to the optimal functioning of any organization. It envisages the key role of planning, directing, and coordinating administrative functions. In the past few years, the human resource industry has witnessed a technology boom.

At Confluence Group we are constantly re-imagining ourselves so that we can provide cutting edge solutions for our SME/Startup clients. 

Technology in Hiring

The World of Hiring is changing and we have launched our E-Recruitment Marketplace called Talent Tap. We are connecting SME clients with a vast number of recruiters from smaller towns by creating a Recruitment E-Marketplace by effectively using AI/ML for a faster and cost-effective process. We target jobs at a CTC less than Rs 30 lacs across freshers/ gig/ junior and mid-level executives. A marketplace like ours instantly connects employers with the right recruiters, benefiting both. It gives access to a large customer/vendor pool with no geographic limitation, that too,  in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

Third-Party Payroll

A new way of hiring which, in recent years, has found success and popularity among businesses. It is based mostly on the services offered, which are tailored to meet business’ requirements. Onboarding, compliance management, third party payroll services, issuing offer letters to temporary employees, and even termination formalities are handled by contract staffing companies in India. Of course, there is a fee involved. But hiring a contract staffing agency for third party payroll services makes a lot of sense as you get a lot of benefits as well. 

Cloud HR Systems

Businesses are rapidly adopting the modern corporate culture which helps them streamline workflows, achieve scale, and improve inefficiencies. HR Management System (HRMS)  is one such domain without which an organization cannot grow. HR affects every other department in a business, and thus the HR Management System can help various wings or departments of a company work better as well.

Businesses are also rapidly migrating to cloud for faster and easier access to their company data, which they further use to improve productivity, team communication, and get top of the fly insights to make important business decisions.

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