Need to practice  ‘laughter yoga’ in the COVID 19 aftermath

The COVID 19 pandemic has left a debilitating impact on the global corporate space and the human costs of the virus are hard to assess at this point in time. We don’t know if work from home is a viable long-term solution but as of now companies are trying their best to deal with the after-effects of this global crisis. Experts says the crisis is not likely to blow over anytime soon and point out that the business world will never be the same again. In an increasingly fluid world, we don’t exactly know how this pandemic will play out on our economic, physical and mental well-being against a backdrop of a world that, for many, is increasingly anxious, unhappy and lonely. 

This is exactly where employee satisfaction comes in. We believe that a motivated and happy workforce is the key to a company’s continued success. Wherever people are the fulcrum of any organization, they need to be constantly nurtured and given due importance if a  company is to grow and sustain itself. While annual appraisals and KRAs form the basis of promotions and performance in Indian companies, this is just one tool to reward and recognize productive staff members.

To counter these changing times, our Expert Speak column features our Dubai-based wellness guru S Ranganath who shares that “laughter yoga is a global phenomenon being practiced in over 106 countries, successfully. It is a powerful tool helping business people reduce workplace stress and creates a happy and energetic workforce.According to our in-house expert Radhakrishna, “in organizations with a higher level of engagements, one can see that there is tremendous support of supervisors, overall cohesiveness, strong and open communication channels, robust performance and reward management processes, career advancement programs coupled with good succession planning processes in place. “

Happy employees are more loyal to the company and its objectives; they go the extra mile to achieve goals and take pride in their jobs, their teams, and their achievements. This is the kind of workforce that a changing workplace like India needs to foster growth and professionalism.

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