Industry in Focus – HR Tech, Past & Future: Are You Recruiting Like A Social Media Influencer?

When we look back at 2019, it’s hard to deny it was another banner year for HR technology.  With so many advancements, HR continues its digital transformation.  There is no end in sight and that is both exciting and terrifying for the same reason:  HR professionals have no idea where the road is going.

The big star of the year was, without a doubt, artificial intelligence.  Its rise as an HR technology tool can be described as a meteoric in nature.  It continues to be adapted to all areas of human resources such as data gathering and automation.  It is also the base technology behind the increasing use of chatbots and machine learning.

Virtual reality is another technology on the way up.  Primarily used as a gaming technology, VR is now being used by HR as a recruitment tool.  How?  Companies are deploying the technology as a way for potential employees to visit the company headquarters without ever having set foot on the property.  It’s also being used to assess job candidates’ skills before proceeding with an interview. 

VR is also being used as a learning tool — allowing companies to test and train for soft skills.  It’s also being used as a way to train employees on difficult subjects such as workplace violence and sexual harassment. Not only can employees learn how to deal with these issues, but they can also do so in a safe environment.

Why HR is at the Centre of Digital Transformation?

“Digital transformation is primarily about mindset, people and processes, and not technology.  HR is in the people business and any successful digital transformation relies on significant contributions from HR professionals.”

AI in HR

Artificial intelligence is pushing humans and machines closer together.  It’s exciting!  AI’s influences are being felt across the HR space… being used to automate business processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce bias among other things.  In fact, McKinsey’s latest forecast of AI’s impact on the global economy is that it will generate $13 trillion in economic activity across the globe by 2030.

Recruit Like A Social Media Influencer

Are you recruiting like a social media influencer?  If you’re an HR professional using or looking to use social media as a recruitment tool, you need to seriously consider taking this approach.  And the data supports the embracing of the strategy.  Young Americans, according to a survey from Morning Consult, say their dream job is to be a social media influencer.  A stunning 85 percent of Millennials or Generation Z people, ages 13 to 38, say they’re willing to give the gig a shot.  Imagine the results if a company could turn these workers into recruiting social media influencers?