As we usher in 2020, are you ready for the ‘techtonic’ shift that the industry is undergoing? The old order of content-based learning is finally giving way to outcome-based learning. Indian universities have begun to launch Robotics, Machine Learning & AI-based degree courses but if you compare it with global standards,  we are at least 10 years behind time. Only in January 2019, Amazon launched Amazon Go where customers can walk in, shop and leave. As for charges, they would automatically be deducted from their accounts. New careers like Blockchain Developers, Artificial Intelligence experts, and machine learning engineers are the new professions that will dominate in the coming decade.

According to industry experts, If this futuristic experiment works out, cashiers will become passé. “It will also open new avenues for a host of jobs, like tagging, manufacturing tracking equipment, writing software codes, etc, to look after a new set of problems that  machine-based ecosystem is likely to throw up.” With 15 years of experience as HR consultants across domains, through this newsletter, we wish to provide the crucial link between academia and the industry. Our aim is to provide an interactive platform where industry experts, training specialists,  career counsellors & students will share their inputs to make Indian talent future-ready. Armed with domain knowledge, they need to be adequately equipped with soft skills which at present are woefully lacking since we don’t consider this as an essential prerequisite for landing a job.

Based on our recruitment experience we have also put in place a JFY School Of Skills (JFYSOS) arm which is the skilling interface for job aspirants. The team at Confluence believes that the coming decade will see a techtonic shift in all aspects of Human Resource, companies will adopt more technologies like AI/ML/Analytics/Virtual Reality at the core of the business leading to improved productivity, enhanced client servicing & candidate management.

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