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    As per FICCI the Indian retail industry has experienced high growth over the last decade with a noticeable shift towards organised retailing formats. The industry is moving towards a modern concept of retailing. The size of India’s retail market was estimated at US$ 435 billion in 2010. Of this, US$ 414 billion (95% of the market) was traditional retail and US$ 21 billion (5% of the market) was organized retail.


    India’s retail market is expected to grow at 7% over the next 10 years, reaching a size of US$ 850 billion by 2020. Traditional retail is expected to grow at 5% and reach a size of US$ 650 billion (76%), while organized retail is expected to grow at 25% and reach a size of US$ 200 billion by 2020.

    As India’s retail industry is aggressively expanding itself, great demand for real estate is being created. The cumulative retail demand for real estate across India is expected to reach 43 million square feet by 2013. Around 46 per cent of the total estimated demand between 2009 and 2013 will be come from Tier-1 cities. The sector is tipped to be one of the largest recruiters of talent in the next 10 years and with regulatory changes envisaged we will see many new players joining this industry in the coming years.

    We support our clients in searches for middle and senior positions across

    • Sales
    • Service
    • Operations
    • IT
    • Marketing
    • Legal
    • Merchandising
    • Supply Chain
    • Logistics etc.

    We work across multiple formats and our clients are across formats such as

    • Hypermarts
    • Large and Medium retailers
    • Electronics
    • Food and Beverage
    • Household
    • Accessories
    • Clothing
    • Luxury etc.