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  • Client Meet: With the HR & Functional Heads to understand requirements fully
  • Data Search: From our existing base match profiles
  • Outcall: With the candidate to confirm interest
  • Email: To our clients to screen & shortlist
  • Coordination: For interviews, tests, joining dates etc.


  • Resumes : Website, Email, Hard copies, Telecon, References
  • One on One: Each candidate is met by our executives & assessed for skills, preferences etc
  • Databank: Each resume is then entered into our databank
  • Review: Periodic review to keep profiles updated & live

Our recruitment

This search addresses clients requirements for senior / top Management professionals to take on functional / business leadership responsibility. A small brief developed along with the client detailing the assignment, the description and specification of the position and profile of the candidates forms the basis of this work. The search of that specified format is done through careful and thorough research. This is generated collaboratively through multiple meetings with the clients to ensure that subsequent effort is well directed and efficient.

Our consultants bring to bear a high degree of sensitivity to the recruiting context and ensure that the image / stature and confidentiality needs of the client and the candidate are zealously protected.


The requirement for middle / junior management staff are addressed under this category leveraging of Confluence Consulting’s growing database of professional, who seek a career and career enhancing opportunities through Confluence Consulting in different streams .

Our databank has profiles of high caliber management professionals for Middle and Senior levels in the areas of Sales & Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Customer Care, Collections, Back office, Human Resources & Operations management, etc.

Our automated database allows for speedy matching of profiles with requirements and quick response time to client requirements. Our process of validating candidate interest in a client opening ensures that non- serious applicants are eliminated and precious time is saved.


This medium is used when there is need felt to reach out and attract specific segments of personnel or when other means of sourcing personnel have not yielded the required number or quality of personnel. A through screening process is observed including reference in other and previous employment checks since it is a walk in process.

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